Following the Footsteps of Jesus



Tomorrow Gerry and I leave Alaska for a two-week tour of Israel and Jordan, meeting our tour leader, Jeff Weima ( and the other members of our group in Tel Aviv on Thursday. We will find our way there from AK independently, taking some time in Amsterdam and Haarlem in the Netherlands where we hope to begin our time zone adjustment and take in some Dutch sights.

We are excited to follow the footsteps of Jesus not only because of the places we’ll see, but also because friends who have toured the Holy Land have found Bible reading to be richer, deeper and more meaningful upon their return. This sounds like a great outcome!

I hope to keep track of things we do and see, sharing my responses and gleanings here, so do stop by throughout the next two weeks. I’ll see you here!

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3 Responses to Following the Footsteps of Jesus

  1. Yes! I love to “travel” along! Have so much fun! Duranda


  2. Sandy says:

    Thank you for sharing your experiences. I love to read them.

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