Wandering Down the Amalfi Coast

Hats off to the skilled tour bus drivers of southern Italy who on a daily basis take large cumbersome vehicles on the narrow, winding, steep Amalfi Coast road!Amalfi Coast map.jpg

Our driver displayed focus, patience, and grace under pressure, even gaining rounds of applause on occasion as he brought us safely through challenging and striking topography.

1. Positano on the Amalfi Coast

We drove to and through the town of Positano, stopping only once we reached a spot wide enough for our bus to safely pull over.

We reached the village of Amalfi before noon and spent a lovely two hours wandering the busy lanes, making tasty purchases, and touring St. Andrew’s Cathedral.5. To St. Andrew's.jpg

Even though the streets were bustling, it was serene once we were inside. My favorite view of the bell tower turned out to be one countless other folks have taken — it’s even in the Amalfi visitor’s brochure, something of which I was not aware until I’d taken my picture. Beautiful, any way you cut it:3. St. Andrew's Cathedral tower from the cemetary.jpg

Our afternoon was spent in the 6th Century B.C. Greek colony of Paestum (Did you know the Greeks colonized Italy? It was news to me.). The Greek temple ruins are some of the best preserved in the world and were simply awesome.

6b. Greek temple dedicated to Hera at Paestum.jpg

Paestum’s Greek temple dedicated to Hera, all the columns still intact and standing — wow!

The 29 folks comprising our group are gradually getting to know each other, often happily visiting as we walk from site to site — which is great, except that it tends to slow us down, making our tour guide(s) wait. Guess that’s a positive problem.6d. The group approaches the Greek temple to Athena.jpg

We are enjoying the mild weather. Each day Monique, our guide, gives us the forecast and so far the no-rain-with-temps-in-the-70s agrees with us all.

Gerry is excited about tomorrow as we’ll be visiting the ruins at Pompeii and climbing to the crater’s edge on Vesuvius. Sounds like fun, no?

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  1. Duranda R Marchell says:

    Another epic day!

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