We Arrive in Naples: The Gospel Comes to Italy


We’re here! … in Naples, enjoying lovely Mediterranean temperatures, hearing the music of spoken Italian drifting from the courtyard below our window,

1 Forum Hotel room balcony view

View from our room’s balcony: Hotel Forum in Naples

and anticipating a wonderful two weeks touring with Jeff Weima on a study tour exploring the impact of the gospel on historic Italy (http://www.jeffweima.com).

Jet-lag is a real thing for us all, but we look forward to living into this time zone more easily tomorrow, many of us having followed the instruction NOT to take a nap this afternoon, no matter how strongly our eyes drooped and our bodies sagged.

To forestall sleep, an afternoon walk was in order! Hotel Forum is a short distance from the historic ruins of Pompeii on one side and the Shrine of the Virgin of the Rosary of Pompeii (a Baroque cathedral in process from 1876 until 1925) on the other. 4b The pontifical shrine of the blessed virgin of the rosary of Pompei.jpgTrue to its design, it is very ornamental, but welcoming with cool and varied marble throughout.

4a Shrine of the Virgin of the Rosary of Pompei

Gerry enjoyed the marble floors, pillars and veneers.

The park square next to the cathedral is filled with memorials and works of art. We discovered a memorial to September 11, gifted to Naples from the New York Port Authority to commemorate the many lives lost on that awful day. To discover why this piece of the World Trade Center is right here, some research was in order. Here’s what we learned:  Pompeii is the only city in Italy that has received an authentic fragment from the World Trade Center from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. The 6-meter tall piece of steel is inserted in a block of lava stone from Vesuvius, and symbolizes the solid bonds of brotherhood between the U.S. and Italian people. 3 Momento to September 11.jpg

Our afternoon closed with an aMAZing four-course dinner at our hotel, after which we all, needing sleep and respite, retired. Tomorrow we tour the Amalfi Coast, supposedly the most beautiful drive in the world. We’ll keep you posted ….

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2 Responses to We Arrive in Naples: The Gospel Comes to Italy

  1. Beautiful! Thanks for update! Some day we will tour with you!!!

  2. Renee coad says:

    I can feel the breeze, hear the language, see the ruins and beautiful cathedral. Blessings on your journey.

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