… and, we’re off!

Cabin with moose calves

Tomorrow night, Gerry and I leave our comfortable Moose River cabin for six weeks of adventure, first “outside” (meaning the Lower 48, those continental states that are not AK or HI) then across the Atlantic.

First, we will be traveling to Florida to meet up with a World Renew outreach team sponsored by Shawnee Park CRC, our home church while we lived in MI. With a second team from Ontario, Canada, we will be doing restoration and renovation for some folks whose homes were damaged in floods this past year. Our accommodations will be in a hurricane shelter where there will be plenty of space and beds, but not a bunch of creature comforts. Our team leader says we will be able to experience, to a degree, what folks who need to leave their homes and seek shelter during extreme weather experience.

Second, we look forward to a week on Holden Beach, NC, with dear friends. When Gerry sang in a gospel quartet while we attended Trinity Pres in Anchorage, he developed deep friendships with his singing buddies, relationships that have stood the test of time and distance separation. This year will mark thirteen years of gathering at the Sand Castle for bridge, puzzles, day trips, wonderful meals, some singing and grand fellowship.

Finally, we will join Jeff Weima and other tour members for “The Gospel Comes to Italy”, a learning trip through Italian sites touched by the ministries of Paul, Peter, and Mark. We look forward to gaining much insight and information — Jeff is a master teacher.

Our return to AK in late April will be just in time to see our poppies bloom. Summer in Alaska is our favorite time, so we will be glad to be home.poppies

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2 Responses to … and, we’re off!

  1. Have a great journey! I look forward to living vicariously through you! Heading to the DR on Saturday! Take good care!

    Love, Duranda


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