On the coast again …

Gerry continues to delight in the unique road signs we come across while driving.  He put this collage together, hoping you all will enjoy them as well — most are fully self-explanatory:

Aussie signs

Our Adelaide accommodations were in the very heart of Chinatown where we enjoyed some authentic food and observed the dramatic hustle and bustle of a very culturally diverse population.  We found an amazing market on the wide-open first floor of a large building where stall after stall was offering fresh fruit and vegetables, aromatic bread and rolls, appetizing sausages and cuts of meat, and yummy sweets and pastries.  We wandered through the market several times and went back this morning on our way out of Adelaide to purchase tasty treats for our trip to Kangaroo Island.

But first, we spent one entire day discovering Adelaide, finding the Migrant Museum most interesting:  Australia is now quite a melting pot, but has a spotty history with non-British and/or non-white immigrants.  We also enjoyed the South Australia Museum where Gerry found another outstanding gem/mineral exhibit

South Australia Museum; minerals displayed in order of color -- nice!

and where I spent most of my time in the natural history section getting conversant with Aussie fauna.  We also found a statue of the person after whom Adelaide is named – she was the German-born wife of one of England’s kings.  Since it was my assertion that the town was named after a woman and I turned out to be right, Gerry took a photo of me trying not to look too smug.

Queen Adelaide statue and info plaque

On the way back to our hotel, we stopped to visit an historic Catholic cathedral.  Surprisingly, there were quite a number of folks sitting quietly throughout the nave, others kneeling, all obviously enjoying the peace and calm of the place, especially as it was lit so warmly with the late-afternoon sun.

Adelaide's St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, outside and inside

I couldn’t help but wonder what brought those folks into the sanctuary, but I imagine many prayers were being lifted for the folks in New Zealand as they deal with the aftermath of the earthquake.

We spent today on the road, driving south to the seashore.  While in NZ, we were never far from the ocean, but once we reached Australia, we left the coast and have been inland for most of our visit.  It was refreshing to have our lunch on the beach today:

On the ocean shores, once again ...

We reached Cape Jarvis in good time and caught the ferry to Kangaroo Island where we’ll be spending the next three days.  We’ve already seen bunches of wallabies this evening and look forward to many more wildlife sightings during our stay here.

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