Sydney’s Spectacular Sights

A striking view of downtown Sydney

Sydney hosts some of Australia’s best-known sights which we saved for our final day in the city.  We had a combined walk/public transportation plan in mind at the beginning of the day because the things we hoped to see were rather distant from our hotel.  As we trekked through Hyde Park again, we came across a monument with a carving dedicated to the benefit of mining to Australia (note rock hammer).

Mythological geoloist

When I inquired as to the state of undress of this aspiring geologist, Gerry said something about maybe starting a new trend.  : )

Stop #1 – the New South Wales Museum of Art.  We don’t often do art museums, but we were sort of ready for a change of pace and enjoyed seeing the world’s finest art from the perspective of Australia.  After viewing more European masters than can be fully appreciated at one time, including a Monet and a Cezanne, we found a special display on 3rd Century Chinese art and other aesthetic items totally engrossing.

Exhibits on historic Chinese musical instruments had these explanations.

A quick cruise through what was entitled ExpressArt reminded us of so many things Crystal has been sharing w/us about composing via new media – these pieces combined several media in presenting or proposing a unique idea; it was the busiest place in the museum.

Approaching and deparating from the Opera House

Stop #2 – Sydney’s Opera House.  This structure, best known for its unique architecture, dominates the area in which it is set.  My favorite perspective was from the Harbor Bridge where one could see how much it looked like a ship at sail.

Opera House from the Harbor Bridge

We walked all around it, got in line to check into attending “The Barber of Seville” that evening (We decided to wait for the opportunity to hear our niece Katie sing in an opera, so made no ticket purchase.), then found some comfy chairs for a pleasant rest.  Our view out the Opera House windows there just happened to take in a sandstone outcrop that warranted a photo:

Sandstone exposure (Look out the long horizontal window above the tables.)

Geology surrounds, sets off, graces, and enhances all of life, so it seems.

Stop #3:  Weather conditions in Sydney were very warm and very humid, so it was no surprise that an afternoon thunderstorm occurred just as we began our mile-long walk over the Harbor Bridge.

View of the Harbor Bridge (as well as a HUGE cruise ship)

Didn’t stop us, no sir … the humidity had made us feel all damp anyway, so it didn’t seem to matter if we were genuinely wet outside as well.

The afternoon also saw the culmination of Major Event #1:  Gerry’s six-week-long hunt for a Down Under hat has ended in success.  On the Sydney Quay, we discovered vendors galore and Gerry did find just the right hat.  It’s been a steady, singular search – it’ll be good to check that off the list.

We did not feel unable to continue our walk, so tho’t a stroll back to our hotel would take us through other interesting areas of the city, so we did not catch a bus, subway, or train.  The walk was pleasant, to be sure, but it was a lonnnng way

Notice the tiny, tiny buildings between the trees? That's where our hotel was!

and we were glad to be home.

Our drive to Bathurst today was to be scenic with many interesting hikes and views.  The humid marine air had other ideas, however, and this is primarily what we saw:

On foggy days .....

Oh, well, tomorrow’s a new day w/new things on the agenda – we’ll let you know what we find.

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3 Responses to Sydney’s Spectacular Sights

  1. Linda P says:

    Looks like you’re having a lovely visit there. I so enjoyed Sydney!

  2. Sally Tripp says:

    Are we going to see Gerry in his new hat?

  3. p. fairchild says:

    All the build up and no Hat! Lots of snow this morning and PM. Driving home, I spotted a crash ahead and zinged off at Tudor and back on past the crash only to be blocked another mile ahead by a second series of accidents. Don’t you miss Anchorage?

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