Steadily Southward

Lower Hutt, the Willis' Wellington suburb

Leaving Wellington behind Monday morning, we boarded the interisland ferry and headed south.

Cheerful ferry-ers (Notice Jan is NOT among them.)

The crossing, a 2 ½ hour stint in a large spacious and comfortable ferry, became rocky only in mid-trip, so Jan closed her eyes to avoid seeing the changing shoreline, eventually falling asleep – phew!  After finding and delivering a motion-sickness bag (Nice guy, huh?), Gerry spent his time wandering the decks, marveling at the views, noting the many similarities to Prince William Sound in AK.

View from the ferry

Once on the South Island, we dawdled our way to Nelson, taking almost every opportunity to stop at viewpoints, short hikes, and interesting shops.

Suspended over the Pelorus River

Our motel was located in Stoke, a sort of suburb of Nelson, and just happened to be right next to Isel House and Park, one of the three-star things to see in Nelson.  Nice bonus!

The guidebook we are finding most helpful was given us by friends who visited NZ some 20 years ago; the book rates sights with one (Interesting.), two (Definitely worth a stop.), or three (Don’t miss it!) stars.  We don’t always agree with the ratings, sometimes completely charmed by a no-star stop or feeling so-so about a three-star one.  Life is subjective, it seems —

Nelson, historically unique in that it was sold in farming lots to English folks who hadn’t seen any part of it, has a fascinating background.  We spent the morning at the Anglican Cathedral, learning its history, walking a prayer labyrinth, and touring the grounds.  The afternoon flew by while we enjoyed the Nelson Provincial Museum.

Nelson Provincial Museum

Discovering a movie theater, we took the opportunity to see “The King’s Speech” (We give it a big thumbs up!), surprised that Tuesday was once again bargain night so our tickets were only $10.50 – lucky us.

Enjoyed this road sign the other day:  “Merge like a zip.”  Speaking of being on the roads, we find we pass almost no one as we drive (and are, of course, passed by many); Gerry says we pass another vehicle about once a week  : ) , but we’ve stayed safe and have reached all our destinations.  Can’t argue with success ….

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